CEM / Herrensauna
Berlin DE

CEM 1378 x 747

Performance: DJ
Travel: 1 person from Berlin – Germany
Booking Contact: Jordan Davidson

Fortifying his interest in music through early experiences in hardcore punk playing guitar and vocals, CEM has patiently developed a catalogue of influences, with an eclectic collection of music ranging from techno to UK-influenced electro to enigmatic house classics – artfully merging genres with ease and finesse. Born and raised in Austria, CEM’s relocation to Berlin was a contemplative choice to further develop his ambitions to DJ, having co-founded the now infamous gay events series Herrensauna, in addition to the small-scale label of the same name. Easily shifting his performance abilities between renowned festivals and events such as Berlin Atonal, Hyperreality (AT) and Amsterdam Dance Event to countless warehouse events in Copenhagen, CEM offers a tailored musical experience.