James Ruskin

Blueprint / Tresor
London UK

James Ruskin 1378 x 747

Performance: DJ / Live
Travel: 1 Person from London – England
Booking Contact: Michael Mueller
Links: Website
Growing up in London and having been in the music business for more than 15 years now, James Ruskin is considered as one of the pioneers of British electronic dance music.
With releases on his own imprint: Blueprint aswell as Coda and Tresor, he has gained a worldwide reputation for setting new standards in production techniques.
James´ DJ skills have secured him a number of international tours throughout the world aswell as playing at some of the world´s best venues such as La Real (Spain), Tresor, Berghain, U60311 (Frankfurt), to name a few.
His last album “The Dash“ was released on tresor in 2008.
Together with Regis, James is a member of the incredible O/V/R project.


Blueprint / Tresor Records
London UK


Performance: Live
Travel: 1 persons from London – England + 1 persons from New York – USA
Booking Contact: Michael Matuschek
An experiment in human nature combining analogue and digitally interactive sets, drawing influences from past, present and the future, offering an alternative to the norm.
O/V/R welcome you to their “brave new world”…
“O/V/R” is new work of James Ruskin and Regis. The project includes a joint digital / live performance, launching a new online medium “theantination.com” where exclusive mixes, tracks and merchandising will be available.
Multi purpose sets are tailored for the smallest clubs to the largest stadium.
Extended sets of 4 hrs are available.