Juila Govor

New York/Berlin US, DE

Julia Gavor 1328 x 747

Performance: DJ
Travel: 1 person from New York – US
Booking Contact: Maya

At the core of Julia’s music is an ever-present element of emotional truth…

Julia Govor was born to move people. She made her debut performing in a small military town in Abkhazia, which led to her becoming the cassette-DJ at the town’s nightclub. Every Saturday, the ever-diligent Julia was on stage performing new songs by Russian singers or songs written by her oldest sister, Galina. Soon thereafter, she became the lead singer in the locally-famous military band called Moryachka. Still sharpening her mixing skills, she began using Paul White’s elegant silver Tascam to play pop songs by Sandra, Mr. President, 20 Fingers and other 90’s pop divas.The big payback: In 2000 she moved to Temruk in South Russia where she became a bona fide DJ, playing CDs and mixing on a Vestax PMC01A.

In 2009 the petite and vivacious Russian lady with a knack for telling hypnotic stories got back to what she does best: DJing. She lent her talents to the legendary Moscow underground club Arma17 for several years. During this period Julia could also be found making impactive appearances at Movement in Detroit, Kazantip in Ukraine, WMC in Miami, ADE in Amsterdam and Sonar Off in Barcelona.

Fast forward a few years, Julia has clearly been deeply inspired by the techno artists she’s been playing with and begins to produce herself. She honed a sound which boasts distinctly resonant frequencies alongside uncommon melodies and subsequently had tracks snapped up by Visionquest, Get Physical and Hypertone in 2011\12.

Relocation to New York has seen Julia perform alongside the likes of Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin and Adam Beyer at Output, Time Warp, Awakenings, BEMF and Electric Zoo. 2016 has seen her gain the support of Ricardo Villalobos,  with releases coming on Cocoon and Russian vinyl only imprint Body Parts / Mind Series with remix of Villalobos. 2017 is a year of releases and  for Julia, she released 2 solo records on Akkult and Rhythm Cult labels and few EP // collaboration with TMZ on Second State label and Seth Troxler on Boiler Room recordings. She had performed at Awakenings, Melt, Sonus, Neversea and others respected festivals.

At the core of Julia’s music and live shows is an ever-present element of emotional truth and a quest to redefine her audience’s relationship with beat. Simply put, she firmly believes in churning out sexy techno grooves with dramatic expressions and select layers of sound. Not to forget the boundless charm and ambrosial melodies. That is, in a nutshell Julia Govor.

When talking about Julia Govor, people usually emphasize her background as a singer in a Russian military band. But that’s more of an aside than anything related to the music the New York-based producer makes nowadays, which is hypnotic and occasionally rigid techno. (Think the Italian school but more straightforward.) So far she’s made appearances on labels like Cocoon, Get Physical and BPrecs, and the latest, 5000 Moments, landing on Budapest’s Akkult, is her most distinctive record yet – “RESIDENT ADVISOR”