Julia Govor

New York/Berlin US, DE

Julia Gavor 1328 x 747

Performance: DJ
Travel: 1 person from New York – US
Booking Contact: Michael Matuschek

Julia Govor, rhythm composer and DJ, first began her relationship with music at the age of 6, as a singer in a military band in the small , far-off town of Abkhazia. Isolated, but understanding the power of Music, she knew it could act as a connection to the people and places she could not yet physically reach. This lead her to Moscow where she would begin her DJ career at the underground club, Arma 17.Through her music, then and now, she has created a continuum of herself which is reverberated in clubs and parties throughout the world.

After  10 years in Moscow, she then set her sights on NY.Once there, she immediately began performing with legends ranging from Jeff Mills, Nina Kraviz and  Richie Hawtin to more underground artists such as Parrish Smith, Flaminia and Kamran Sadeghi. These musicians and experiences pushed her to explore her full potential as a Musician and so, she began Producing. Through producing, she has developed an individualized control over  music, resulting in her own unique, yet consistently solid sound. Subsequently, she has now released solo EP’s  on Akkult, Rhythm Cult and Second State.

Julias tracks have also been remixed by Ricardo Villalobos  on MindSeries and Seth Troxler on Boiler Room Recordings. At the core of Julia’s music, is Julia; she extends beyond her music. Each of Julias sets is a quest for her to redefine the audiences relationship with sound and to share not just her music, but herself. In 2017 while Producing, Julia continued to perform, playing several festivals such as EZOO, Awakening, Melt and Sonus as well as on many others.

While performing, her positive energy, creates a contagion. She has an unconditional love for people and her desire is to bring the people, the same hipnoses which music brings her. As she collects records, she collects friends and experiences; all equally acting as a continuous source of inspiration to her. Julia and her music, are, ‘for the people’.