SCION (Substance & Vainqueur)

Scion Versions
Berlin DE


Performance: DJ / Live
Travel: 2 persons from Berlin – Germany
Booking Contact: Maya
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Scion aka Substance & Vainqueur are Peter Kuschnereit and René Löwe. Peter comes from former West Berlin
and René has his roots in Potsdam, east Germany. They met in Berlin after the fall of the wall. In 1991 they began
their experiments in creating electronic music. René and Peter became a vital part of the Berlin electronic
music scene by djing in most clubs of Berlin, working at the famous record store Hard Wax and producing music.
As several tracks were finished they got released on the new label Chain Reaction. Basic Channel Records
founded Chain Reaction to create a new platform for René’s and Peter‘s music. The first releases came under
the names Scion, Substance and Vainqueur.
„Emerge“, the first track by Scion, came out on Chain Reaction in 1995 and this marked the start of a series of
releases from artist that were connected to the Hard Wax camp. At that time René and Peter, independently
of each other, also worked on their solo projects Vainqueur (René) and Substance (Peter). Both released solo
CD albums on Chain Reaction in 1998. In the following years they were playing in various countries like Japan,
Canada, USA and Libanon.
Together as Scion, one outstanding project was the magnificent Mix CD for Tresor Records. This CD came out
in 2002 with the title “Scion – arrange and process basic channel tracks”. In the following years they created
tracks with an unique mystifying, harmonic, electronic sound. These tracks were resulting in their own label
Scion Versions in 2006. Also remixes for Burial Mix and other labels were made by René and Peter.
A Substance & Vainqueur live performance draws a bow from the original Chain Reaction sound to their
current sound; deep, aquatic, with washes of dub-like reverb echoing. The set includes various releases in a
continuous mix with additional use of single sounds and compact samples. You hear some special material
from studio recording sessions which they have only designed for this showcase. This is pleasing crowds at
concerts across Europe and beyond.