DIG Curated / Berlin DE

Performance: Chami Dj & Chami F2F OPH
Travel: 1 person / 2 persons from Berlin – Germany
Booking Contact: Michael Matuschek

Born and raised in Morocco, Chami has been djing there before moving to Lyon, France where he discovered his passion for techno. Now based in Berlin, where he has definitely become fully integrated in the Berlin local underground scene.

Chami is one of those artists that truly reflects the spirit of techno, no superficial exterior surface of these days but only focusing on the pure art form itself. He is also part of the face 2 face project with OPH where they played facing each other using 2 mixers and 4 vinyl turntables which lead them to play multiple times in Berghain.

He is also part of the Minijob French crew which organizes illegal raves in abandoned locations in the outskirts of Berlin, welcoming everyone regardless of genre, origin and sexuality with a wide variety of music from house disco and techno. These events are organized without public promotion and managed to gather a solid regular audience base that supports their values and trusts what they do.

With his strong and determined vinyl only sets Chami is able to showcase his talent on the decks and demonstrate his deep knowledge for this very technical art. When listening to him, you can lock in for clean, rhythmic and mental hours of no bullshit techno.

Chami face 2 face OPH:

CHAMI face 2 face OPH is a musical project based on trust. After many years of exchanging music, sharing their love for vinyl and playing back to back in clubs or at home Chami and OPH felt it was time to try something new, another way to evolve musically together. That’s the ‘Face 2 Face’ project. Their main focus is to layer different grooves and textures using 2 mixers and 4 vinyl turntables to give a solid dynamic foundation, sometimes complementing each other, sometimes going in another direction and surprising each other. The music evolves during the set to switch between groovy moments and mental moments. This unique act definitely creates a memorable experience for the audience, as on top of the music experience it has a live stage feeling with full visibility and at the same time allowing direct contact with the dancefloor. The key point of this performance is to be facing each other and use eye contact to create a special energy based on their connection.

2 mixers, 4 turntables, 1 share love for vinyls.