Mala Junta / MESS / Berlin DE

Performance: DJ
Travel: 1 person from Berlin – Germany
Booking Contact: Daniela

Venezuelan born Berlin based, Hyperaktivist has been shaking the scene in and outside Berlin, with her characteristically energetic sets, unleashing a new wave of faster psychedelic-tinged trance, tribal techno and old school house pulsations, often with a cheeky nod to the 90’s rave era.

Hyperaktivist has directly influenced a shift in the scene, not only through introducing her hypnotising yet euphoric fresh sounds, but also by constantly advocating political values of equality & diversity at the forefront of her projects.

You can find her playing from Berlin’s most renown clubs to all across Europe, USA and South America, always bringing her characteristic energy and commitment to the dance floors, merging genres with ease she takes influence both in her time spent in Berlin and South America.