Paquita Gordon


Italy / Spain

Performance: DJ
Travel: 1 person from Italy / Spain
Booking Contact: Lizzy

Links: Soundcloud

Paquita Gordon’s world has no borders, and the same goes for her music: a tireless traveller, she gets new inspirations from all the places she visits. Her sets, all of them entirely played on vinyl, can be divided through two main kinds, a cosmic one and an earthly one.

The first category delves into the realms of psychedelia, black music, ambient, dub, folk and spiritual jazz, creating something that is hard to define, personal and unique, while the second one is linked with a 360 degrees club heritage, that goes from house and techno to dnb and trance, with perfect and enthralling mixes. Paquita’s musical research focuses on tribal aspects of sound, starting from its origins and following these roots to their most contemporary declinations, triggering a triumph of the ritual and collective dimension of the musical experience.