ZONE 1378 x 747
Booking Contact: Daniela

Concept & Art Direction: Idan Gilony for UY Studio

Curation: Helena Eleonora Rönnmark

Co-Artistic Direction & Choreography: The progressive wave (Gal Naor and Matan Zamir)

Sound Composer: Dasha Rush

Solo Performance: Valentin Tszin

Lights: Michał Andrysiak

Vocals: Emre Zaim Demirtas

Visuals: Stanislav Glazov

Costumes: UY Studio

A contemporary site-specific dance ritual
An audiovisual odyssey unfolds infernal and celestial imagery
bodies are gathered in a circle to hold a secret ceremony
forming and deforming abstract ornaments
they redefine space, possess, merge, and dissolve.
A sudden desire erupted out of the ritualistic pattern.
A sacrifice fulfilled as empty.
This site-specific dance performance takes its inspiration from the ancient Sufi dance, fusing
various meditative actions in which a state of trance can be reached, with a live video installation,
a contemporary electronic sound-score, and a fashion-forward statement.
A zone where minds can blend into collective awareness.